Sunday, December 07, 2008

This will be the last time

It was almost a year ago that I wrote about one of those heartbreakingly-bittersweet parenting moments of my little girl growing up. And guess what's happened since then?


(I bet you already know the answer, too.)

My kids are growing up and I am too.

* * *
The summer came and went. I started a new job and began carving out a niche for my new business. I also stopped writing about my kids.

See, the big one is reading now. Reading all by himself. The little one isn't far behind, I'm sure. They have relationships that are independent of me and I am spending more time independent of them. It feels less appropriate for me to meddle and report.

Besides, these stories were never really about them; they were, and have always been, about my changes as a person and as a mother.

* * *
This will be the last time I'm posting here at I Invented Motherhood. As you know, my return to work last year came with a lot of figuring things out, both personally and professionally.

I started working with clients this summer. Some are looking to make career transformations, others are women looking to figure out how to be professionals and mothers. Some are neither mothers nor professionals. A few need some help figuring out what they want to figure out, so that's what I do.

I listen and ask questions. I guide and support. I help people create the time and space to figure out what they want and then what they need to do get it, whatever "it" may be.

My "it" has changed, too. For as much as I love writing and sharing my stories, my focus is somewhere else. Writing here, pseudo-anonomously, doesn't make practical sense for me.

Come find me at Motherhood. Reinvented. I'm on Facebook and Twitter, too. Please, don't be a stranger.

* * *

In October, my baby girl turned four. (She's since asked me to stop calling her baby, but since she's four and also my baby that's simply not going to happen.) One day, she was in a toddler bed and the next, she was in a real big girl bed (the kind in which grown ups can also fit). I thought I'd be more sad, expecting a bit of misting up at the end of the baby era in our home and family.

Instead, I found myself caught up in her abundant joy of discovering the next great thing!

Then she asked me when she could drive my car.

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Liz said...

I'm sad that this is your last post on this blog. I truly enjoyed reading your blog entries. Your writing is captivating and eloquent. I hope that one day, when you find time apart from your new career, that you'll devote some time to public writing. I'm definitely a fan and have enjoyed your moving entries. Jake and Ellie are blessed to have you as their mommy. I feel blessed to know call you a friend. Happy Holidays and all the best in the next chapter in your lives!