Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Son of Marital Strife

My kids love the iPod. (Technically, it's my iPod they love.)

When Ellie plays Mommy in any of her big plastic vehicles and she's driving, she's always picking tunes for her iPod (pretending, readers, my three year old does not have her own iPod!). In the real car, when she hears a song she likes she immediately asks me to put it on her list. She's also asked for familiar songs from television (giving my darling spouse another reason to take issue with our shared music library. "Honey, what is Barney doing in my car?") as well as songs she and Jake have made up themselves.

"Mommy, I want Jumpolia and Be a Little Rock Star on my list."

"You mean the songs you sing in the tub, Elle?"

"Yeah, those."

"Sweetie, I can't find those on iTunes."

(Not yet, at least.)

In contrast, and in typical firstborn, people-pleasing fashion, my boy recently created a playlist of his own. It is a list of songs he likes, I like, his daddy likes, his sister likes, songs he's heard in movies, and a couple that the thought he might like simply based on their names.

Jake's Latest List

Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
Blackbird - Sarah McLachlan
Night Train - James Brown
The Rubberband Man - The Spinners
Underdog - Sly & the Family Stone
Proud Mary - Ike & Tina Turner
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Upside Down - Jack Johnson
Talk of the Town - Jack Johnson & Kawika Kahiapo
All Star - Smash Mouth
Funkytown - Lipps, Inc. (coincidentally the first single I ever purchased -- and not because it was in Shrek!)
I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, Pt. 1 - James Brown
Mother Popcorn, Pt. 1 - James Brown
Stop this Train - John Mayer
83 - John Mayer
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
Under the Sea - Samuel E. Wright
Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes
Little Green Bag - George Baker

What's on your kid's soundtrack? What does it say about them?

Looking at mine, I see a fun combination of our family and one very cool little dude.


auntie b said...

There is so much I could say about this post! But I don't have time, so I will just go with Ellie's nickname - I noticed you spell it "Elle" - in my head, it's always been "El" - as in "the" - as in THE one and only....or maybe it's just like that character in Soap....she is such a little guerilla/terrorist....

Paige said...

Your boy has fabulous taste.

My wee lass has a thing for Jack Johnson right now. She calls him her "Curious George music."

Ann(ie) said...

I love love love Jake's list!!! Ben currently enjoys hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog and the ABC Soul Train thingy on Playhouse disney. OH and Snook. He digs when snook sings. The world stops when Snook sings. ;)

Liz said...

What a fun playlist! I think I might copy a few of those myself! Funny that "Funkytown" is on that list because that was my little brother's first favorite song and we still tease him to this day. LOL I love "83" by John Mayer! Go Jake!

MamaNeena said...

I suddenly feel the need to bust a move! Your little man has some good taste.

Don Mills Diva said...

My son's only 2.5 but I'll be thrilled if he has taste like your son when he grows up!

Laski said...

Jake has great taste in music.

Old MacDonald is all that J needs. Well, that and Apples and Bananas. Oh, and Five Little Monkeys. He's branching out :)

Sass E-mum said...

Peaches listens to whatever Recaro plays (I listen to Radio Bore. Oops. Meant to say Radio Four - the talk station).

Lately she's been joining in loudly to The Eagles 'Take it Easy'.

Working mum said...

Eclectic! Yes, I think we acquire favourites from our parents. The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Abba provided the soundtrack to my childhood. Wonder what my daughter would choose?

Just asked her - "Ground control to Major Tom"! Not what I'd expect!

jakelliesmom said...

auntie b - for you, I might change her Elle to El.

Paige - it thrills us to no end that the kid is all about James Brown.

Annie - you should see the dance my kids do to Hot Dog. I've just downloaded it! They'll be thrilled.

Liz - the irony is not lost on me that my almost 6 year old is enjoying a song (83) about someone wishing for their childhood.

Mamaneena - you can join my kids in the Hot Dog dance!

Diva - He's always been a funky kid. Honestly, that our child wants more than the songs of licensed characters thrills us to no end.

Sass-E & Working Mum - I see you've been stealing a listen from my husband's iPod. I bet my kids would love those, too (if only I hadn't deleted them from my music library).

Ms Picket To You said...

This just proves that while there is a lot of great stuff out there (Justin Roberts for one), kids need not be raised on children's music alone!

I am totally waiting for "Be A Little Rock Star" to come out.

My kids used to love Nelly's "It's Getting Hot in Here" (so take off all your clothes) especially at bath time.