Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm the kind of person ...

I'm the kind of person who writes about how much she misses writing, then doesn't write.

I am a confessed killer - of chain letters and forwarded e-mails.

I've made a rule of not seeing a movie if I've read the book, with exception of the Harry Potter series which I've found to be faithful enough to the books that I'm not filling in the story before it happens.

I have a strong aversion to buying clothing at retail prices, except for my kids. I am the queen of the discount store, outlet mall, and clearance sale, but decided yesterday that I'm drawing the line and will no longer make impulse clothing buys at Costco. I think Tim Gunn would be proud.

I typically wait until one year ends and another begins to buy a new calendar.

I almost exclusively read non-fiction now because I cannot tear myself away from a good novel and I need my sleep.

While I refer to my children my their given names on my blog, in real life, each is known by at least a dozen nicknames.

Jake is: Jakey, Jakes, Bug, Bunny, Muffin, Monkey, Mister, Big, Thing One, Love, Brother and Sweets.

Ellie is: El, Ellie Belle, Belle, Belly, Lala, Lolly, Lollipop, Dolly, Baby, Baby Doll, Princess, Little, Thing Two, Missy, Pretty, Sister and also Sweets.

I never forget a face. You'd think this would be a great feature, but remembering people you've met or seen only once makes me feel like some kind of stalkerish freak.

I have a hard time passing up a good meme, even if I've already done it, and especially when I'm not tagged.


Jen M. said...

Yay - another post!

You like the memes? I'm not a big fan - unless they involve pictures. I loved the "what's in your purse" meme. I am a total snoop, so maybe that's why.

Not that I actually act on the snooping - I am just curious. Maybe voyeur is a better word.


Paige said...

You know, I never forget a's the bloody names that give me trouble sometimes.


jakelliesmom said...

Jen - Oh I missed the purse meme. I need to read more blogs. I like them if they are insightful - I think of them as writing prompts.

Paige - I'm usually names and faces, but I have a block for people with whom my husband works and a handful of moms from my preschool. It's a curse. I still can tell you the names of girls who rushed my sorority darned near twenty years ago.

Wife of Monkey's Uncle said...

"I'm the kind of person who..."

Always sees things 90-180 degrees off from everyone else.....oh wait, that's obvious shortly after anyone meets me.....

Hmm, can't think of a good comment to make - I was just giggling over the "name" I gave myself.

jakelliesmom said...

High five to that, Auntie Banana.

Waiting Amy said...

I don't think I've bought a single item at a retail price in the last 5 years, at least not for myself. Even the underwear is from the box store.

Sad, huh? sigh.